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    SCP05 – Hannibal – S1E6 – Entrée
    Hannibal – S1E6 – Entrée In this Episode David and Jamie discuss the 5th installment of Hannibal seen in the US, Entrée.  Although not a big role they discuss Dr. Chilton and his introduction to the series, the Chesapeake Ripper, and what Miriam Lass means for Jack and Hannibal’s relationship. Listen live each week, on...
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    Show 16 – Hannibal S2E4 Takiawase
    Jenny and Jamie invite back their friend Erinescence to talk about Hannibal season two episode four Takiawase.  It only seemed right to have her back when just a few weeks ago it was Erinescene that predicted (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Beverly Katz’s eventual demise.  Other topics they hit upon in this podcast are the bee hive killer played by Amanda...
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    Show 22 Hannibal S2E11 – Ko No Mono
    This week Jenny and Jamie discuss rebirth and veils being lifted as they breakdown and analyze Hannibal S2E11 Ko No Mono. Question of the Week: No question this week. Just send us your general feedback. Related Posts Show 21 Hannibal S2E10 Naka-Choko Hannibal Podcast, Season Two by Jamie on May 8, 2014 In this week...
  • Hannibal - Season 1
    SCP08 – Hannibal – S1E9 – Trou Normand
    Hannibal – S1E9 – Trou Normand In this episode David and Jamie discuss Trou Normand, body totem poles, Abigail Hobbes’ efforts to assert herself, Will Graham’s hallucinations, and their love of Baltimore.  They also pose the question: In what situation would you be forced to eat human flesh and what would you have on the...
  • buffet froid
    SCP09 – Hannibal – S1E10 – Buffet Froid
    Hannibal – S1E10 – Buffet Froid In this episode David and Jamie discuss the deteriorating mental health of Will Graham and the true cause of his hallucinations.  They also discuss the english meaning of buffet froid, Georgia Madchen and how much disbelief they had to suspend to believe her as a killer, and finally they contemplate...
  • Feast of Freinds
    NS 04 – Constantine – S1E4 – “We are Who We are, Eventually”
    Constantine – S1E4 – Feast of Friends In this weeks podcast Benn and Jamie realize they weren’t live about half way through and Jamie could see the annoyance on Benn’s face.  All went well and Benn held off on killing Jamie long enough for them to discuss Constantine’s relationship with Gary Lester his old junkie...
  • Coquilles
    SCP04 – Hannibal – S1E5 – Coquilles
    Hannibal – S1E5 – Coquilles In the fourth installment of Second Course Podcast David and Jamie discuss Coquilles the fourth episode of Hannibal that aired in the US.  They take a look at a new dimension to Jack Crawford revealed during an alleyway scene and Hannibal’s puppet mastery during this episode. Listen live each week, on mixlr...
  • SOTL Featured image
    Hiatus Episode 3: Silence of the Lambs
    In the most recent episode of Second Course Jamie and David discuss the 1991 movie Silence of the Lambs. This is the film that made Anthony Hopkins a star and brought Thomas Harris’ character of Hannibal Lecter to mainstream American Culture.  Listen as they discuss the awards it won, he performances of the cast, and...
  • fromage
    SCP07 – Hannibal – S1E8 – Fromage
    Hannibal – S1E8 – Fromage In this episode David and Jamie discuss Fromage and the new serial killer on the scene, Tobias.  They analyze how Tobias’ effort to reach out to Hannibal in friendship, makes Hannibal realize there is someone he does want to befriend.  Also, a bottle of champagne makes David and Jamie go...
  • Season 2 Ep1 Kaiseki
    Show 13 – Hannibal S2E01 Kaiseki
    In this installment of Second Course Jenny and Jamie discuss Kaiseki the first episode of season two and Hannibal’s triumphant return which took place Friday February 28th.  They breakdown the episode by discussing the epic opening fight, Hannibal’s motivations for his actions in this episode, the themes of trust and appearances that ran through the...
  • NS 6 - Constantine -S1E6 - Rage of Caliban
    NS6 – Constantine – S1E6 – “Child’s Play” – Rage Of Caliban Review
    Constantine – S1E6 – Rage of Caliban Jamie & Benn discuss the lackluster 6th episode Constantine, “Rage of Caliban” which was really episode 2.  They share their criticisms and fears for the fate of the series.  Benn ends the podcast asking fans what they think the fate of the show. Listen live each week, as...
  • sorbet
    SCP06 – Hannibal – S1E7 – Sorbet
    Hannibal – S1E7 – Sorbet In this episode David and Jamie talk about the new characters introduced Franklin, Tobias, and Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. They also discuss the music of this episode and how it helped watching Sorbet feel like eating a dessert. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the hannibal podcast homepage....
  • Amuse-Bouche
    SCP02 – Hannibal – S1E2 – Amuse-Bouche
    Hannibal – S1E2 – Amuse-Bouche In this episode David and Jamie focus on Hannibal episode two Amuse-Bouche. They discuss the special gardening techniques of Eldon Stamets, this weeks new killer, the demons that Will Graham faced, and tabloid blogger Freddie Lounds, played by Lara Jean Chorostecki.  David blows my mind by showing me a picture...
  • Non Est Asylum
    NS1 – S1E1 – Non Est Asylum
    This is the first podcast from Benn and Jamie about the new NBC Show Constantine.  Listen as they break down the inaugural episode “Non Est Asylum.”  Jamie is a non-reader of the comic and Benn is a reader so each brings a unique perspective to their analysis of the show.  In this episode Benn drops some...
  • Red Dragon
    Hiatus Episode 5 Red Dragon
    In the fifth hiatus Jamie talks with Austin MacDonald, Hannibal guest star about his impressions of Brett Ratner’s 2002 adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon.  Both Jamie and i have nothing but good things to say, and Jamie expresses his true feelings about Manhunter.  Warning there are spoilers. Related Posts Hiatus Episode 2 Manhunter Hannibal Podcast, Hiatus:...
  • Hannibal w/Skull
    Interview with Kristy Gay
    For those of you who don’t wanna listen to the whole podcast.  Here is our interview with Kristy Gay from July 30th by itself. Related Posts SCP13 – Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E1 Hannibal Podcast, Hiatus: Season One by Jamie on August 11, 2013 Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E1 In hiatus episode 1 recorded on...
  • Blessed Are the Damned
    NS7 – Constantine – S1E7 – “Fly On My (Not So) Sweet Angel”
    Constantine – S1E7 – Blessed are the Damned Benn & Jamie break down the best episode of Constantine this season, Blessed are the Damned.  They both agree that there needs more episodes like this need to happen if Constantine is to survive into a second season.  Listen as they say the phrase “great episode” over...
  • Hannibal w/Skull
    SCP13 – Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E1
    Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E1 In hiatus episode 1 recorded on July 30th Jamie and David sample a wine Hannibal served during his dinner party, talk with Kristy Gay of Hannibal HQ, and discuss their impressions of SDCC Hannibal panel. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the hannibal podcast homepage.  Send in your...
  • Hannnibal S2E6 Futamono
    Show 18 – Hannibal S2E6 – Futamono
    Jamie and Jenny try to blow the lid off of Episode 6 of Hannibal season 2, Futamono.  They both agree that to date this is the most important episode in the series.  They try and figure out Hannibal’s motivations for leaving behind very obvious clues on his latest kills, dissect Able Gideon’s motivations, and spend...
  • Hannibal Rising
    Hiatus Epsiode 6: Hannibal Rising
    In the sixth hiatus episode Jamie talks with Jenny about Hannibal Rising, the fifth and final movie in the Hannibal Lecter franchise.  Jenny revels some surprising information about a favorite actor of all Fannibals and his connection with the movie.  They both breakdown the performances of Gaspard Ulliel and Rhys Ifans and finally they share what they liked and...
  • ceuf-part-4-hannibal-web-series
    Hiatus Episode 7 – Ceuf
    In their return podcast Jamie and Jenny discuss all the hiatus news and developments.  They discuss Ceuf the episode of Hannibal Season 1 that wasn’t aired in the United States.  The two ask the listeners if there is something about middle children that makes them the black sheep of the family and what are the...
  • rotí
    SCP10 – Hannibal – S1E11 Rotí
    Hannibal – S1E11 Rotí In this episode of Second Course podcast David takes Jamie on a cab ride around Baltimore as they discuss Rotí, the tenth episode of Hannibal. They talk about their new-found appreciation for Dr. Able Gideon, Hannibal’s motives for toying with Will, and what Will’s mental state might indicate for future episodes...
  • Hannibal S2E 8&9
    Show 20 Hannibal S2E8 Su-zakana & S2E9 Shiizakana
    It’s been a few weeks but Jenny and Jamie are back discussing Hannibal season 2 episodes 8 & 9 Su-zakana and Shiizakana.  They grapple with Hannibal and Will’s intentions toward one another, speculate in Will’s mental health (again),  Jamie expresses his displeasure with ice fishing depicted in Maryland/Virginia, and Jamie shares his knowledge of Chuck Palahniuk....
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    Show – 19 Hannibal S2E7 Yakimono
    This week Jenny and Jamie express their disappointment in Yakimono the seventh installment of Hannibal season two.  They also disagree over the fate of Dr. Chilton. Do you think Dr.Chilton is really dead? Related Posts Show 18 – Hannibal S2E6 – Futamono Hannibal Podcast, Season Two by Jamie on April 10, 2014 Jamie and Jenny try...
  • Austin MacDonald
    Interview with Austin MacDonald
    Jamie sat down and had a conversation with Austin MacDonald, who played CJ Lincoln in Ceuf, the fourth episode of Hannibal.  They discussed Austin’s acting career, what is was like being a member of the cast of Hannibal, and what projects Austin has in the works.  A warning for those of you who have not...
  • hannibal movie 2
    Hiatus Episode 4: Hannibal (Movie)
     They discuss what they liked about the movie, its weaknesses compared with Silence of the Lambs, and wonder how Hannibal was never caught after having Mason Verger cut off his own face. David also tells the audience a little more about Pazzi that only reader of the book would know. (Warning:  There are spoilers.)  ...
  • Apéritif
    SCP01 – Hannibal – S1E1- Apéritif
    Hannibal – S1E1- Apéritif In this our first podcast David and I recap the Pilot episode of Hannibal, Apéritif, discuss the cast, break down what we liked and didn’t like about it, and share our hopes for future episodes of the hit NBC show. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the Hannibal Podcast homepage....
  • Naka-Choko
    Show 21 Hannibal S2E10 Naka-Choko
    In this week Jamie and Jenny spend a lot of time trying to figure our what’s going on with Will Graham, they theorize about the fate of Freddie Lounds and finally they discuss the most confusing sex scene on TV ever.  They also call the fannibals to action by asking them another question of the...
  • Hannibal - Season 1
    SCP12 – Hannibal – S1E13 – Savoureux
    Hannibal – S1E13 – Savoureux In this, the last podcast for season one of Hannibal, David and Jamie spend time trying to figure out what it all meant as they analyze the season finale, Savoureux.  They also spend time discussing what they want to see on season two and what they plan on doing with...
  • hannibal_203_Hassun
    Show 15 Hannibal S2E3 Hassun
    In this episode of Second Course Jenny and Jamie discuss Hannibal S2E2 Hassun.  They contemplate Jack’s courtroom motives, Hannibal’s show of emotion to Will, and who could be the new copycat, copycat killer.  Jenny helps Jamie with his Japanese pronunciation and she shows her appreciation for Lara Jean Chorostecki and Raul Ezparaza.  Finally they leave you...
  • Janice Poon
    Interview with Janice Poon
    On February 17th Jenny and Jamie had a phone conversation with Hannibal’s Food Designer Ms. Janice Poon.  Ms. Poon shares her process for designing the food, working on the hit NBC show, and what she loves about being an artist.  Jenny and Jamie also learn the interesting fact that Ms. Poon used to design ball...
  • Relevés
    SCP11 – Hannibal – S1E12 – Relevés
    Hannibal – S1E12 – Relevés In this the penultimate episode of Second Course Podcast David and Jamie discuss the many developments of Relevés, the eleventh episode of Hannibal.  They spent some time discussing what had been revealed to about Dr. Du Maurier and the realizations that Will has which lead him and Abigail back to...
  • The Darkness Beneath Featured Image copy
    NS2 – S1E2 – The Darkness Beneath
    This episode is almost unlistenable as Benn and Jamie’s technical difficulties with Google Hangouts OnAir continue.  If you do listen you might hear an insightful conversation about the politics in Constantine episode 2 “The Darkness Beneath.” Listen live each week, as we broadcast from the Eightbar in Baltimore, Maryland, on mixlr and on the No...
  • NS9 - Constantine - S1E9 - Saints of Last Resort Part 2
    NS9 – Constantine – “So That’s What Mexican Prison Is Like” – Saints of Last Resort Part 2 Review
    Constantine – S1E9 – Saints of Last Resort Part 2 Benn and Jamie are back now that Constantine as returned from holiday hiatus with Saint of Last Resort Part 2.  They both like this episode but still have their misgivings about NBC’s support for the longevity of this show.  They share their thoughts about what...
  • Interview w:@Serve the Rude
    Interview w/@Serve the Rude
    In David and Jamie’s first attempt at a skype interview they speak with Angel a tweeter that tweets as @ServeTheRude or Hannibal’s Cookbook.  She shares her thoughts about the series and how the season ended, and gives Jamie and David some ideas for the Hannibal Convention they would like to plan in Baltimore. Related Posts...
  • The Devil's Vinyl
    NS3 – S1E3 -The Devil’s Vinyl
    No Smoking:  A Constantine Podcast Episode 3 This week Jamie and Benn solve their audio issues by going live on mixlr to discuss Constantine season 1 episode 3 “The Devil’s Vinyl” written by Mark Verheiden & directed by Romeo Tirone. This is an episode that they both agree is the strongest one yet.  Constantine and Zed need to...
  • Sakizuki featured image
    Show 14 Hannibal S2E02 Sakizuki
    In this episode of Second Course Jamie and Jenny break down the second episode of Hannibal Season 2, Sakizuki with @erinescence.  They discuss the new sponsor hashtag campaign started by @viloincatherine and @aughmonica that targets T-Mobile starting Friday 3/14, Jack Crawford’s lack of self-awareness, Hannibal and Dr. Du Maurier’s dance macabre, and nods to the books...
  • NS10 - Constanitne - S1E10
    NS10 – Constantine – S1E10 – “Where’s Liam Neeson When You Need Him” – Quid Pro Quo Review
    NS10 – Constantine – S1E10 – Quid Pro Quo  Benn and Jamie disagree about this episode of Constantine.  Jamie loved it and Benn hated it. Quid Pro Quo opens up with Chas’ daughter having her soul stolen by Felix Faust, another mage, from Constantine’s past.  Chas is beside himself trying to find out who has...
  • manhunter hiatus 2
    Hiatus Episode 2 Manhunter
    In this episode of Second Course Podcast Jamie and David discuss their reactions to Michael Mann’s Manhunter.  Warning there are spoilers for the movie and the book Red Dragon. Related Posts Hiatus Episode 5 Red Dragon Hannibal Podcast, Hiatus: Season One by Jamie on October 29, 2013 In the fifth hiatus Jamie talks with Austin...
  • Definitive Aaron Abrams interview
    Interview with Aaron Abrams
    On February 26th Jenny and Jamie had a phone conversation with Aaron Abrams, the actor that plays Brian Zeller on NBC’s Hannibal.  They talked about acting and his career.  He couldn’t reveal any spoilers for season two but he did get them hyped by telling them that season two is going to be great and...
  • potage
    SCP03 – Hannibal – S1E3 – Potage
    Hannibal – S1E3 – Potage In this episode David and Jamie break down the third episode of Hannibal, Potage, by discussing Abigail Hobbes and the duality that her and other characters displayed as the plot thickened. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the Hannibal podcast homepage. Send in your reaction by heading over to...
  • NS5 - Constantine - S1E5 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    NS5 – Constantine – S1E5 – “Bring Out Your Dead”
    Constantine – Danse Vaudou Jamie and Benn talk a lot about the beer they are drinking this week.  They do find sometime to talk about Danse Vaudou, the 5th episode of Constantine.  Benn shares a ton of knowledge about Jim Corrigan, introduced in this episode.  Jamie shares his feelings about Papa Midnight’s character development and they...
  • NS8 - Constantine -  S1E8 - "Strainge Fruit"
    NS8 – Constantine – S1E8 – “Strange Fruit” – Saints of Last Resort Review
    Constantine – S1E8 – Saints of Last Resort This week Jamie and Benn start off by sharing some thoughts about the town they live in, Baltimore, before they jump in and discuss Constantine S1E8, Saints of Last Resort.  When they finally do get to discussing Constantine and Chas’ jaunt down to Mexico Benn shares some...
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    Show 17 – Hannibal S2E5 Mukozuke
    In their discussion of Mukozuke Jenny and Jamie discuss Will’s motivations for going after Hannibal, what Beverly death might mean for Hannibal’s future, they symbolism if the iconic mask, and the return of Able Gideon.  Fannibals Jamie will also delight with his singing ability or lack of ability, you decide.  Finally they leave you with...

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